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Queen’s Qatar


Queen’s Qatar joins Qatar’s vibrant educational scene landscape in August 2024. As a proud member of the dynamic Artemis Group of private international schools, our campus has been meticulously designed to foster an unparalleled learning experience.

Here, students from early years to sixth form are immersed in an environment that boasts exceptional academic, performing arts, and sports facilities designed to empower students to discover their greatness.

Underpinned by the progressive values of Artemis Education and the best elements of British schooling, Queen’s Qatar delivers an education that transcends the confines of textbooks. Our ‘Whole Child’ philosophy is the cornerstone of our approach, nurturing confident, well-rounded individuals, prepared to embrace the challenges and opportunities that life unfolds.

We celebrate cultural diversity, foster community among students, parents, and teachers, and instil passion for lifelong learning.

Our forward thinking approach and the holistic development of each and every student makes Queen’s Qatar a truly international school for every generation.

Focusing on the Whole Child

A way to bring out the best in each and every one of our students.

Choosing thE right school is a major decision for parents.

We’re ready to welcome you and answer any questions.

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If we can help or answer any questions...

…just let us know.