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Anchored by the progressive values of Artemis Education and the best elements of British schooling, Queen’s Qatar goes beyond conventional learning. Our approach is rooted in the distinctive ‘Whole Child’ philosophy, which nurtures each child’s depth of character through value-driven social and emotional education.

Involving their parents and the whole community, to foster confidence, communication skills, and a sense of social responsibility.

Social and Emotional DevelopmEnt

Students develop critical social and emotional skills that promote resilience and perseverance, as well as ambition and optimism.

Cognitive DevelopmEnt
Enhancing students’ approach to problem solving, driving them to succeed on their own terms.
Character Development
Giving students the confidence to express themselves and develop their unique characteristics.
Promoting health through outstanding sports facilities and medical care.
Students receive counselling and psychological support to build resilience when tackling life’s challenges.
Promoting a common sense of integrity and empathy, students become compassionate and responsible citizens of the world.

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